The WaveLight Ex500 has unique advantages as a platform:

The Wavelight Ex500 laser is a special technology which helps for the successful Contoura laser treatment. It leaps forward in fast, accurate bladeless treatment. It has the fastest eye tracker which moves 10 times faster than the eye, ensuring that the laser treatments are done with accuracy. It is the only device to work so fast and optimise time between flap creation and laser treatments. It all adds up to better vision results and treatment that is unsurpassed. Cquick LASIK uses this high-quality technology to ensure optimum results. The best way to ensure that you get a great visual outcome out of the Wavelight Ex500 is to be a candidate for LASIK.


The earliest lasers could only get up to 10-20 Hz; today, with WaveLight LASIK Laser Vision Correction, they can be as fast as 500 Hz! Each “burst” of the Alcon EX 500 Laser lasts mere billionths of a second before the laser shifts to its next position-up to 100 times faster than some lasers.


The Alcon EX 500 Laser’s integrated cross-line projector provides the surgeon with an exact alignment of the head’s and eye’s position by generating a red-light cross on the eye for accuracy.


Precise eye tracking technology can help ensure the laser is always properly aligned, even if your shift eyes shift slightly during surgery. The Alcon EX 500 Laser uses a small- spot laser beam, which allows LASIK specialists to shape the cornea in finer, more gradual increments for a smoother surface with eye-tracking technology 8 times faster than some of the competition.Eye tracking can range from 50 Hz in older LASIK systems all the way up to 1050 Hz with advanced systems like WaveLight LASIK correction


More Natural Eye Shape

Early LASIK procedures reshaped your eyes without considering the way your eyes naturally curve, potentially leading to vision problems: glare, trouble seeing at night, etc. Today WaveLight LASIK Laser Vision Correction actually adapts to the unique curvature of your eye, reshaping it more closely to an ideal, natural eye.

Personalized Procedure

Originally, all LASIK procedures reshaped your eyes based solely on your glasses or contact lens prescription – as a result, everyone got the same basic treatment. These days, advanced LASIK systems like WaveLight LASIK correction actually creates a personalized “map” of your eyes to guide the laser. Hence, your surgeon can ensure a custom treatment that addresses your unique traits, for better results.
Using advanced Wavefront Optimized® technology, the WaveLight EX 500 Laser creates a “map” of your eyes and their unique characteristics to assist your surgeon in creating a personal vision profile for you.

This map serves as a guide that helps doctors locate the eye’s exact treatment position, which is one of the most important factors in obtaining a more naturally shaped cornea and therefore an excellent refractive outcome, especially when correcting eyes with high astigmatism. Our Hospital selected the Alcon WaveLight Ex500 to ensure our have patients the most advanced technology available to provide the highest quality outcomes. It represents the state-of-the art in Laser Eye Surgery.