What Makes CONTOURA Different?

Contoura LASIK treatment is a laser eye surgery for removing spectacles and contact lenses. Contoura LASIK surgery is the combination of most advanced technology. It is performed for optimising your vision into ideal vision. It allows your surgeon to optimally reduce irregularities in your eyes. Contoura laser treatment is the quickest laser treatment with no pain

With Glasses


Contoura LASIK

It is once a lifetime treatment. You will experience a little blurry vision immediately after Contoura eye surgery. In 24 hours, the vision is flawless. You can get back to your normal walk after 2-3 days of Contoura laser treatment. LASIK eye surgery can actually save your money? It is a one-time investment in laser eye treatment which can save spectacle or contact lenses cost for lifelong. Consult a Cquick LASIK surgeon today to find out if this eye surgery is optimal for you.

What Difference Will It Make To You?

Treating Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism

Many LASIK procedures only treat myopia. ContouraTM LASIK can treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Measuring 22,000 eye points

While wavefront-guided LASIK can produce good results by measuring somewhere around 8000 points of curvature on the cornea, Contoura Vision measures 22,000 points. That information allows a computer to create an individualized treatment profile, which is then programmed into a state-of-the-art laser that automatically applies the treatment to the cornea.

Specialized mapping tool

ContouraTM LASIK uses a special tool to “map” the unique attributes of your eyes, for treatment that’s a unique as you are.

Higher level of personalization

ContouraTM LASIK delivers a higher level of personalization. In clinical studies, ConturaTM VISION correction helped 30% of the patients see better without glasses then they did with glasses.

Precise, safe and efficient

ContouraTM LASIK utilizes the advanced technology of the wavelight EX500 Excimer Laser, for treatment that is precise, safe and efficient.

Salient Features Of CONTOURATM LASIK

Worlds only USFDA approved laser.

Precision, if your eye moves, the laser tracks your eye at 500 times a Second.

Fastest laser in the world.

Permanent – Once in life time procedure.

Enhanced quality of VISION.

How Does Contoura LASIK Work?

ContouraTM LASIK uses a laser to change the shape of the cornea. Myopic people can see up close, but need glasses or contact lenses to see far away.

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In the hyperopic eye the cornea and lens are too flat and focus the image to a point behind the retina; the image is then seen as a blur.

After laser correction with LASIK the cornea is slightly more curved; the image is then clearly focused on the retina. The result is that the hyperopic patient can see clearly for distance after laser treatment.

In astigmatism , the eye is oval like a football, and not sp-herical. The image is formed at two different points inside the eye.

In the treatment of astigmatism, irregularities in the shape of the cornea are smoothened to even out the focusing power.